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Sep 15 14

IET Electrical Systems in Transportation Premium Award

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IET Electrical Systems in Transportation Premium Award

Chen, S.X., Gooi, H.B., Xia, N., Wang, M.Q.: ‘Modelling of lithium-ion battery for online energy management systems’, IET Electrical Systems in Transportation, 2012, 2, (4), pp. 202–210

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Jul 29 14

A centralized reactive power compensation system designed for small distribution systems

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Reactive power planning of power systems provides the strategy of reactive power compensation so that the real power loss can be reduced and the system voltage profile and power factor can be improved. The current industry practice is to locally install reactive power compensation system to maintain the local bus voltage and power factor, which we called decentralized method.

During the planning of optimal reactive power compensation, decentralized methods only provide optimal capacitor placement for a particular load situation. If the load situation changes, a new set of optimal capacitor placement will be given by the decentralized method. However, during actual operation, it is not practical to keep moving capacitor banks from one location to another according to the load situation. Hence, the capacity of the reactive power compensation system at a location is fixed normally once it has been installed.

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Dec 24 13


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Jun 28 13

留点时间,留点空闲~ ===我承认,有那么一下 我被触动了===

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昨天在回家的路上看到一个小孩 给一个残疾大叔推着车,中间好像大叔把小孩说了一下,小孩生气了,说, 我不管你了,你自己弄。。 然后松手了,在旁边噘着嘴。 大叔这个时候并没有说什么话


但是小孩又马上的扶住了车子,继续推着, 然后半批评半责怪的和大叔对着话。过了一会有阵阵的笑声从他们那边传来。。。

这小孩真懂事~  幸福的大叔~ 






Apr 17 13

Bitcoin Basic

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How To Get Bitcoin

Currently the fastest ways to buy bitcoin are difficult, costly, and are often fraudulent.

Buy Bitcoin and transfer it back to your wallet ( the official client on your computer)


How To Protect Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin is just like cash. If you hide a bunch under a floor board and forget about it you can very easily have it stolen or lose it. Most importantly since bitcoin is digital if you have a computer malfunction your bitcoin can be lost forever.

It is VERY important that you back up your bitcoin to protect it from loss.

First let’s cover:

How to backup your bitcoin to prevent loss

When you decide to use the official client on your computer you are responsible for maintaining backups and protecting your bitcoin.

I would reccomend before you ever have a large amount of bitcoin in your wallet to practice these steps with only a small amount in your wallet to be sure you understand the process. read more…

Mar 18 13


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